Golf Cart Transport Service

Golf Cart Transport Service

What is a golf cart

Golf Cart Transport is easy with Swifty Car Transport but let us first know what a golf cart actually is. Golf carts are also called golf cars or golf buggies. These are compact vehicles designed basically for transporting golf players and their equipment around the golf courses. They are not only used in golf courses now. Golf carts are being used for a number of other purposes as well. These versatile vehicles are available in various specifications and models to fit different needs. These vehicles are generally 3 to 4 feet wide and 4 to 8 feet long, which makes them ideal for navigating in tight spaces. While golf buggies are typically associated with a comfortable round of golf, they are also used in industrial facilities, resorts, gated communities, and even on some public roads.

Choosing Swifty for Golf cart shipping service

  • Experience in transportation
  • Team Expertise
  • Affordability
  • Making it convenient for you
  • We have years of experience in the car transport industry. That is why we know how to deliver your golf cart to its destination safely and on time. This experience makes us stand out in the field of vehicle moving in Australia. Moreover, Our team of experienced and certified drivers is second to none. We have a professional and trained team transporting golf carts of all makes and models. We handle your vehicles with care and attention and deliver them in a secure and safe way to your doorstep. In addition to that, We offer competitive rates on all of our golf buggy transport services. Offering pocket friendly prices is one of our policies. We never compromise on quality, yet we keep our pricing economical for our worthy customers. Also, We try to make your transportation as smooth and easygoing as we can. Saving you from wear and tear is our priority. We pick up and deliver your golf cart to your door, so you don't have to worry about anything

    The Golf Cart Transport Services we provide

    We offer a variety of golf cart transport services to meet your individual needs. Whether you're moving your golf cart across the country or just down the city, we have all the solutions for you.

  • Long-distance golf cart transport
  • We offer long-distance golf cart relocating service to all the states of Australia. Our team of professionally trained drivers will safely transport your golf cart to its destination, no matter how far away it is.

  • Local golf cart transport
  • We also offer local golf cart transport service in Australia. If you need to move your golf cart across town or to a nearby course, we can help you get there swiftly and easily. Contact us to get your vehicles moved locally.

  • City to City Golf Cart moving
  • We deliver your precious golf carts from city to city in Australia. Ask us how to transport a golf cart from Perth to Mandurah. And will provide you with the best assistance.

  • Interstate Golf Cart Transportation
  • Moving your golf cart is easy now. We also offer state to state golf cart transportation. Be it a golf cart transport from Tasmania to Western Australia or moving a golf cart from Queensland to Victoria.

  • Golf Cart Relocation to and from Dealerships
  • We also offer golf cart transportation to and from dealerships. When you buy or sell your golf buggy, We will help you deliver it where it needs to be. We offer door to depot or depot to door golf cart transport in an excellent way.

    Safest Transport

    How to Book a Golf Cart Transportation Service

  • To book your golf cart Shipping service, simply call us or fill out our online form. We will require your pickup and drop-off locations, the make and model of your golf cart, and your desired delivery date. We will then make you an offer for our services and provide you with a free quote.
  • Once you have booked your golf cart transportation service, we will provide you with a confirmation email with all the details. We will also contact you to arrange the pickup time and date.
  • On the day of golf cart transportation, our pickup driver will arrive at the pickup location at the scheduled time
  • Types of golf buggies we move

    We relocate all kinds of golf carts, including:

  • TraditionalGolf Carts
  • Luxury Golf Carts
  • Electric Golf Carts
  • Utility Golf Carts
  • All-Terrain Golf Carts
  • This is the simplest type of golf buggy and is usually the least expensive option. Traditional golf cars are generally two-seat carts with a simple design. They are perfect for golfers looking for an easy and smooth way to get around the golf course. Luxury golf carts offer a more comfortable and sophisticated ride than traditional golf carts. They are usually equipped with features such as soft seats, air conditioning,

    and even sound systems. Luxury golf carts are perfect for golfers who want a more luxurious golfing experience.Utility golf carts are designed for heavy-duty use. They are generally larger and more robust than other golf carts and can carry more weight.

    Utility golf carts are perfect for golfers who need a cart that is able to handle rough terrain or carry lots of accessories. All-terrain golf carts are designed for driving on rugged terrain. They have larger tires and stronger engines than traditional golf carts and can handle hills, mud, and sand. Off-road golf carts are perfect for golf players who want to explore the outdoors or play challenging golf courses.

    Electric golf carts are battery-powered and are becoming popular with each passing day due to their environmental benefits. Electric golf carts are quiet, gas-free and relatively inexpensive to drive. Electric golf carts are perfect for golfers who want to do their part to protect the environment or enjoy a relaxing ride. Contact Swifty Car Transport today for your golf cart transportation. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable golf cart transport service in Australia, contact Swifty Car Transport today. We offer a variety of golf buggy transportation services to meet your individual needs. Our team of experienced and trained drivers will carry your golf cart safely to your destination, regardless of the distance.

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    Preparing your golf Cart for transportation

    Prepare your golf cart well before transporting it. Preparing it will make your transportation experience smooth and easy. It will save you from a number of issues. Preparing your vehicles before sharing them includes

  • Cleaning your vehicle
  • Securing loose parts
  • Mechanical preparations
  • Disconnecting alarms
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Checking the fuel tank and leakages.
  • Documentation and inspection
  • Final checkup
  • Choose appropriate trailer
  • Clean your buggy well before handing it to the car carrying company. It will make any scratches or dents more visible. Also, it will prevent the dust from hiding in your cart. Dust and smut definitely erode your vehicle's body. Check for the loose parts inside your cart. If there are any loose parts or accessories inside, take those out of your buggy or make them secure. In addition to these, go for mechanical preparations.

    Disconnect your security and all other alarms. It prevents you from disturbances while travelling. Also, remember to lock your buggy. Give a spare key to the driver as he may need it. Keep the original one.

    Secondly, check the tire pressure. It should not be overinflated, nor should it be flat. A high air pressure inside the tires can make your vehicle jump again and again inside the carrier. Similarly, a flat tire can be bad for your wheels. Another essential thing to remember is to check the fuel level. The vehicle you are transporting should have a quarter of its tank full at maximum. Also, check for leakages. If the tank or some other part of your vehicle is leaking, make it repaired first.

    Then comes documentation and inspection. Take pictures of your cart from different angles. Make sure the current condition of your vehicle is visible in those pictures. Make it documented so you can compare your cart before and after the transportation. Ensure a final check-up and choose the appropriate trailer that fits your requirements. Choosing the right trailer may be a bit tricky, but it is crucial. Make an assessment of whether your golf cart needs an enclosed or an open car carrier for transportation. Choose wisely and make a good decision. In case you are not able to make the decision yourself, contact the customer care team of Swifty Car Transport. Our pleasant and friendly customer support team will assist you in the best way possible.

    At Swifty Car Transport, we specialise in providing a trustworthy and affordable golf cart carrying service in Australia. We understand that your golf cart is precious to you, so we treat it with the care and attention it deserves. Whether you're moving your golf cart across the country or just down the city, we're here to help you get it there safely and on time. Choose wisely and avail our best services regarding Golf Cart Transport

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